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Sales people don’t have a place at Richmonds, our clients expect to deal with car experts, that’s why even our cleaning team are motoring enthusiasts. We offer decades of experience in investing, buying, and selling luxury, classic, rare, and performance vehicles.

David Light

David’s love for cars came to him at the young age of 10, learning the joys of motoring while being taught by his dad to drive the families ’36 Vauxhall in farmers fields. Starting his career with iconic Australian car manufacturer Holden, he would pursue a career in an industry that would remain his lifelong passion. At 18, David would be introduced to Porsche, and for what seemed a lifetime he would enjoy the driving experience of a 1968 continental orange 911T. This was a week long love affair that left him with the realisation it was not just cars he was interested in, it was luxury, prestige, performance, refined engineering that he was to pursue.

During David’s career he has worked with some of Australia’s most respected dealers, trading European marques that include, Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, McLaren, and American muscle icons such as Mustang.

Today David continues his dream, working with Richmonds clients and exotic vehicles. Repeat business and referrals are the frequent compliments that David appreciates.

Contact David on 0414 934 911 or david.light@richmonds.com.au

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